Satou, JA0CAW:
Dear Mike, GD Moning. I send DTMF to COMPASS with a Pass of UTC 00:25 (Sep-3-2008), [successfully confirmed]

Bob DeVarney W1ICW: Sent heater off , charge max, and test beacon commands and got confirmation around 14:59 UTC.
Copied the beacon at 15:04 UTC:
Good to see the battery voltage is up, almost up to 3 volts!

03.09.2008 15:05UTC    ff0740000700002100009800ff
Solar Cell Voltage     5.00 V
Solar Panel 6 Cur      43.92 mA
Solar Panel 2 Cur      0.00 mA
Solar Panel 3 Cur      43.92 mA
Solar Panel 4 Cur      0.00 mA
Solar Panel 5 Cur      401.57 mA
EPS Reset Counter      0
Power Level            Critical Battery Capacity
Heater Active          Battery Heater ON
Power Safe Counter     0
Emergency Mode Counter     0
Battery Voltage        2.98 V
Battery Current        0.00 mA
Battery Temperature     -1 °C

Alan, ZL2BX:
Hi Mike and all, sent commands to Compass using my home made hand held yagi (4el 2m, 8el
70cm) from my portable location here in Auckland and to my surprise all were accepted and acknowledged OK (Sent at around 2154UT). No beacon heard.

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