Alan, ZL2BX: Could not get Compass to accept the dump command this morning. The HK command seemed ok but despite a number of attempts the dump command was ignored. Very difficult to hear if the commands were accepted due to bad QRM from Cute (CO-65). Hopefully they will drift apart again before too long.

2010-07-17 00:51 UTC ............01300900D600D5 JA1GDE
2010-07-17 00:55 UTC FF000018180001300900D600.. JA1GDE
2010-07-17 00:59 UTC F5005900000001300900D600FF JA1GDE
2010-07-17 02:33 UTC FF004400000001300900D600F9 JA6PL
2010-07-17 02:37 UTC FF00091518..01300900D600FF JA6PL
2010-07-17 11:30 UTC 29000000000001000900cc0709 VK5HI
2010-07-17 12:14 UTC ff000405360001300900d600ff DK3WN
2010-07-17 17:02 UTC FF000007080001300900CC00F2 AC4AV
2010-07-17 20:47 UTC 59000000005801000900D10004 ZL2BX
2010-07-17 23:52 UTC 90180009055101300900cc0002 VK5HI
2010-07-17 23:56 UTC 50000000005001300900d600ee VK5HI

CUTE and COMPASS at the same frequency

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