Alan, ZL2BX: Compass had its usual problem this morning. Difficult to get commands in until about TCA then all commands acknowledged but nothing on the downlink. Late in the pass after a beacon some commands started to produce data on the downlink but too late for a dump. Took some HK.

00:25 UTC FF000004070001300900D000FF JA0CAW
00:32 UTC EE004129180001300900CC0007 JA6PL, JA0CAW
00:34 UTC FF002500000001300900CC0000 JA6PL
00:38 UTC FF00070....701300900CC0001 JA6PL
20:01 UTC FF001800000001300900CC0001 NH7WN
20:05 UTC FF001600000901300900D000F9 NH7WN

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