Alan, ZL2BX: More bad behaviour from Compass this morning. The first pass (21:05, 40deg) commands accepted but no data on the downlink. Second pass (21:41, 18 deg) started the same way but at about mid pass started responding to commands. Did a dump and a bit stop/start but most of the dump (600 frames) completed before LOS.

00:00 UTC FF001400090001300900D000FF JA1GDE
00:04 UTC FF000204070001300900D000FF JA1GDE
00:08 UTC F9000000230001300900D00002 JA1GDE
01:33 UTC FF002900140001300900D600FF JA0CAW
01:37 UTC FF000412250001300900D600FF JA0CAW, JA6PL
01:42 UTC A6000030820001300900CC009F JA6PL
01:45 UTC 55070030601501300900D50000 JA6PL

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