Alan, ZL2BX: Dump OK this morning. Very start/stop with the usual long pauses between data bursts and also stopped for beacons.
Just managed to complete the dump before LOS.

01:49 UTC FF002700100001300900D60000 JA6PL
01:53 UTC FF000009290001300900D600FF JA6PL
01:57 UTC 70000031BB0301000900D60002 JA6PL
07:44 UTC 29000000000001000900CC1305 NH7WN
07:48 UTC 29000000000001000900CC07F3 NH7WN
09:56 UTC FF002811070001300900D600F7 SP7THR
19:44 UTC F9000007060001300900CC00FF NH7WN

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