Alan, ZL2BX: Compass on a go-slow this morning. First dump command acknowledged but no dump. Second command OK but very start stop with the usual long pauses and stops for beacons. Dump still not finished at LOS.

00:44 UTC FF002600000001300900CC00F7 JA6PL
00:48 UTC F9000107090001300900CC00F7 JA6PL
00:52 UTC FF002900000001300900CC0000 JA6PL
08:50 UTC f3000020180001300900d60001 DK3WN
21:21 UTC 29000000000001000900cc0701 DK3WN
21:25 UTC 79005000000701000900cc00ff DK3WN
21:29 UTC 80000000006101000900cc0000 DK3WN
23:24 UTC FF002800000001300900D00000 JA0CAW
23:28 UTC FF001107000001300900D00000 JA0CAW

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