Alan, ZL2BX: Compass good on the 2015 UT 14 deg pass(Commands OK at 30w, 5 deg) so took some HK. The second pass (2150ut 59deg)the commands were all acknowledged but nothing on the FM downlink.

00:46 UTC f807070000000130d203d10002 VK5HI
00:49 UTC f907070000060130d203d10005 VK5HI
00:53 UTC ff00000706000130d203d10005 VK5HI
07:59 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc0707 NH7WN
08:03 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc1104 NH7WN
08:07 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc1003 NH7WN
10:10 UTC a600304058000130d203d600ff DK3WN
10:14 UTC 6200702725000100d203d800ff DK3WN
11:05 UTC 9000000000000100d203d00709 VK5HI
12:37 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc1209 VK5HI
12:41 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc11ff VK5HI
12:45 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc1308 VK5HI
19:28 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc1401 DK3WN
19:31 UTC 2900000000000100d203cc0700 DK3WN
19:35 UTC ff00000000140130d203d000f6 DK3WN

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