Alan, ZL2BX: Compass was a bit strange this morning. When I requested an HK frame Compass began at frame 1 and just kept on transmitting. When it got a bit closer I turned the transmitter off, reset the pointers to zero again and turned the transmitter on again. All OK so I took a few more HK frames and all was normal again. Total 100 frames.

00:15 UTC FF00140005000130C703CC0000 JA0CAW
00:19 UTC FF00000709000130C703CC00F6 JA0CAW, JA6PL
00:23 UTC FF00070706000130C703CC00F7 JA0CAW, JA6PL
00:35 UTC f909090000040130c703cc0002 VH5HI
00:39 UTC f907110000000130c703cc0005 VH5HI
00:42 UTC cc00160501000130c703cc0106 VH5HI
01:57 UTC A407623135000130C703D600FF JA6PL
02:01 UTC 6004440046310130C703D700FF JA6PL
07:52 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0702 NH7WN
07:56 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1301 NH7WN
12:26 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1004 VH5HI
12:30 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1308 VH5HI
12:34 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0702 VH5HI
19:48 UTC .........9000130c703d600ff NH7WN
19:52 UTC 6900000071000100c703d00001 NH7WN
23:16 UTC f907070000020130c703d100ff VH5HI
23:20 UTC f008070000000130c703d00006 VH5HI
23:24 UTC 6000000000000100c703cc0707 VH5HI

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