Alan, ZL2BX:: Pass 1 (2120, 68 deg) Poor command until about TCA then good command down to zero deg but nothing on the downlink for the entire pass. Pass 2 (2300 11 deg) Good command performance all pass and good data before the first beacon and then the downlink stopped and no data after the beacon.

00:01 UTC 8106304024080100C703D600FF JA1GDE, JA0CAW
00:05 UTC 4008181424360100C703D20000 JA1GDE, JA0CAW
00:16 UTC 6828000003290100c703d20002 VH5HI
00:20 UTC 9439001695000130c703d60001 VH5HI
00:24 UTC 5526001886000100c703dd0005 VH5HI
01:15 UTC 6500070000110100C703CC05FF AC4AV
01:35 UTC ..........000130C703D600F6 JA6PL
01:39 UTC F901410000000130C703D60000 JA6PL
01:42 UTC F700460000000130C703D60003 JA6PL
02:47 UTC FF02050500000130C703D200FF AC4AV
07:34 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0702 NH7WN
07:38 UTC ff07070000000130c703cc00ff NH7WN
12:08 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0708 VH5HI
12:12 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0708 VH5HI
12:16 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1208 VH5HI
12:31 UTC ................C703CC1001 JA1GDE
12:35 UTC 2900000000000100C703CC10FF JA1GDE
12:39 UTC 6000000000730100C703CC00FF JA1GDE
13:41 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1107 VH5HI
13:45 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0707 VH5HI
13:49 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc1207 VH5HI

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