Alan, ZL2BX: The HK from this morning’s pass. Same as yesterday. Good command acknowledgement all pass and good downlink until a beacon and the no downlink after the beacon. I don’t know if it is coincidence or not but on both days the downlink stopped following a beacon transmission and then stayed off for the remainder of the pass.

00:16 UTC FF00070506000130C703D000FF JA0CAW
00:20 UTC FF00070903000130C703D000F5 JA0CAW, JA1GDE, JA6PL
00:24 UTC FF00000706000130C703D000FF JA0CAW, JA1GDE, JA6PL
00:28 UTC F904040700000130C703D000F7 JA0CAW, JA1GDE, JA6PL
00:36 UTC ...........00030c703d000ff VK5HI
00:40 UTC f908080000030130c703d00001 VK5HI
00:43 UTC f907070000000130c703d00004 VK5HI
00:47 UTC ff00000807000130c707d000ff VK5HI
01:58 UTC FF00131413000130C703D600F8 JA6PL
02:02 UTC FF00001330000130C703D60003 JA6PL
02:06 UTC F600001829050130C703D60003 JA6PL
07:57 UTC 2900000000000100c703cc0704 NH7WN
08:24 UTC ff00260016000130c703d60000 DK3WN
08:28 UTC f800001814030130c703d600ff DK3WN
09:57 UTC ff00070009000130c703d000ff DK3WN
19:25 UTC 6900070000300100c703cc07ff DK3WN
19:29 UTC 7200040000670100c703cc00ff DK3WN
21:06 UTC 4900050703000100c703c907ff DK3WN

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