23:08 UTC Alan (ZL2BX): Good solid data on the downlink until late in the pass when commands continued to be acknowledged but data stopped on the downlink.

00:05 UTC FF00070032000130C703D60000 JA0CAW
00:09 UTC FF00002018000130C703D600FF JA0CAW, JA6PL
00:13 UTC 9507004646030130C703D60000 JA0CAW, JA6PL
00:17 UTC .........0000100C703CC00.. JA6PL
00:24 UTC 7027000029340100C703D00004 VK5HI
00:28 UTC A333003554000130C703D00003 VK5HI
00:32 UTC 6040070700000100C703D00006 VK5HI
00:35 UTC 4028003118000100C703CC0003 VK5HI
01:22 UTC FF01040007000130C703CC00FF AC4AV
01:26 UTC FF00000018000130C703CC00FF AC4AV
02:59 UTC 8035100023220130C703D10001 AC4AV
03:03 UTC 70040000A6000100C703D200FF AC4AV
07:41 UTC 2900000000000100c703c81306 NH7WN
07:45 UTC 2900000000000100c703c81003 NH7WN
11:02 UTC 2900000000000100C703CC11FF JA1GDE 
11:06 UTC FF00030000070130C703CC00F4 JA1GDE
12:39 UTC 2900000000000100C703CC0700 JA1GDE
12:43 UTC 5130000029300130C703D40001 JA1GDE
19:40 UTC ff00000017000130c703d100ff NH7WN
19:44 UTC f800000021000130c703d100.. NH7WN

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