02:06 UTC
All commands successfully sent but no beacon heard. Tetsu san JA0CAW

11:00 UTC
Compass seems to be improving slowly. Tonight I had all threshold commands accepted at 5.5 minutes into eclipse and still received a response at 6.5 minutes after Compass went into eclipse. It seems to be surviving a bit further into eclipse each day. Still a long way to go however.

20:10 UTC
All commands sent and accepted on my 2013 UTC 15 deg pass. A short time later Compass sent a beacon. Alan, ZL2BX

2012-03-09 20:20 UTC FF103817090000200000A30007 ZL2BX
Solar Cell Voltage      5.00 V
Solar Panel 6 Cur (+Z)      100.39 mA
Solar Panel 2 Cur (+Y)      0.00 mA
Solar Panel 3 Cur (-X)      56.47 mA
Solar Panel 4 Cur (-Y)      144.31 mA
Solar Panel 5 Cur (-Z)      351.37 mA
EPS Reset Counter       0 
Power Level             Critical Battery Capacity 
Heater Active           Battery Heater OFF 
Power Safe Counter      0 
Emergency Mode Counter  0 
Battery Voltage         3.20 V
Battery Current         0.00 mA
Battery Temperature     7 °C

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