COMPASS-1 now in 4k8 MSK mode

01:28 UTC FF002900000000304101D200F4 (JA6PL)
01:32 UTC FF000008120000304101D200FF (JA6PL)
08:44 UTC 29000000000000004101D10709 (ZL2BX)
10:21 UTC 29000000000000004101CC0707 (ZL2BX)
12:14 UTC 29000000000000004101CC1407 (JA6PL)
12:18 UTC 29000000000000004101CC0709 (JA6PL)
12:22 UTC 29000000000000004101CC0707 (JA6PL)
22:24 UTC 29000000000000004101cc1207 (DK3WN)
22:28 UTC 29000000000000004101cc0704 (DK3WN)
22:32 UTC 29000000000000004101cc0702 (DK3WN)

2034 UTC I switched COMPASS to 4k8 MSK this evening. Requested housekeeping data show all parameters are correct and COMPASS is still in good health.
No changes regarding CW beacon.

2110 UTC Alan, ZL2BX could request a housekeeping dump and decoded 618 packets successfully. Many thanks! :-)

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