XI-V CW beacon

17:45 UTC
xiv1 5e5031 xiv2 cf38006a xiv3 363882 xiv4 01163501014f xiv5 8747d786760e xiv6 92dd348269 xiv7 war.is.over.if.you.wantit
xiv1 5e4f96 xiv2 cfse8006 xiv3 353783 xiv4 280101014a01 xiv5 6a818075875f xiv6 8fe03b7f6f xiv7 wait-for-jasmine-to-come-

XI-V telemetry

05:16 UTC
xiv1 55732a xiv2 0eb8003c xiv3 2d4254 xiv4 011c01010101 xiv5 93b3919b8ca9 xiv6 9ff556a13d xiv7 hi-earth-im-tsuda-on-xi.-
xiv1 5573ca xiv2 0e38003c xiv3 32379b xiv4 2e010101013e xiv5 a3a59499a591 xiv6 a0e03b9f3f xiv7 love-and-peacel-.-lvgen--
xiv1 557465 xiv2 0eb8003d xiv3 30425b xiv4 011901010101 xiv5 92b298958aa3 xiv6 9ff9569d3b xiv7 space-for-human-happiness
xiv1 557505 xiv2 0e380048 xiv3 323798 xiv4 320109010129 xiv5 a7a09a93a48b xiv6 9fe03b9b3e xiv7 for-earth-peace.harmony--


Hello! This is XI MAIL.

* XI-V's Feeling
Hello everyone!
Today's picture is a little rough, but properly captures the earth.
Actually there are few good pictures nowadays, it's also good like this once in a while.

* Health Status of XI-V
Remaining Battery Level : 39.7%
Charging Current : 218.8mA
Electricity Generated : 1.38W
Average Temperature : 26.0 degC

* Today's image
Shooting Time 1 3, 2014 20:00:06 UTC
Location Japan

XI MAIL STATION http://www.space.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ximail/