CAPE-2 telemetry

14:16 W5UL-15>W5UL>UI,C,F0 (1200 baud): +W5UL,CAPE-2,11,GR,201301281944CST,5203mV,01008,11,28C,29C,
14:18 W5UL-15>W5UL>UI,C,F0 (1200 baud): +W5UL,CAPE-2,12,GR,201301281946CST,5212mV,01009,12,28C,30C,

Strange behaviour during my 15:55 UTC afternoon pass. There was a modulated carrier and sometimes the packet header sequence.
UL believe it coming from the text-to-speech chip and they have indications that the 3.3 v bus is running at 5.1 volts…



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