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437.653 MHz, 9k6 BPSK, every 10 s

But the question is still open: what is this satellite?


1 43156U 18008B   18118.78453154  .00000477  00000-0  33279-4 0  9998
2 43156  97.5306 194.0675 0013853 316.4248 161.1093 15.09925070 15028

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  1. should the satellite be this?

    HA 1 (Huai’An 1) or Zhou Enlai is an educational 2U CubeSat built by the Huai’an Youth Comprehensive Development Base, Teenagers Amateur Radio Center of Activity in Huaian in east China’s Jiangsu Province involving primary and middle school students.

    The 2 kg satellite will be put into a sun-synchronous orbit. It is equipped with a HD optical camera to acquire space photos for scientific education purpose. It also has a drag brake experiment on board.

    It will be mainly used for teenagers in Huaian to carry out activities related with amateur radio and aerospace science education. The cubesat is equipped with amateur radio repeater and SSTV (Slow Scan Television) component, which is to validate still image transmission in narrowband voice channel. There is an SSTV beacon, which put Date/Time/Location information/temperature etc on a SSTV picture. Amateurs worldwide can also use HA-1 to test SSTV via the cubesat.

    Zhou Enlai will be launched on the third CZ-11 flight in early 2018.

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