ARISSat-1 update

We are now manifested on Progress 41P to get ARISSat to the ISS. The current timeline has the launch in January 2011. Four ARISSat satellites have been assembled in Orlando. The two Russian flight units are assembled, electronics are undergoing operational tests, software is close to being the final version and we expect to have the satellite complete and ready for vibration tests next week. We don’t have a date for the vibration test yet, but are working to get one in the next few weeks. NASA has been very instrumental in getting us an export license, arranging for transportation to Russia and helping clarify how the satellite will be attached to the Progress vessel. We plan on shipping the two satellites to Russia in September, to give them time to install the Kursk experiment, test their battery with the satellite and do additional tests before shipping to Baikonur for launch.
Gould, WA4SXM
AMSAT ARISSat-1 Project Manager

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