ARISSat-1 status

20:27 UTC 9 telemetry / 8 KURSK frames received – CW beacon:
hi this is arissat1 rs01s k2zro phi met 71m ihu +45c cp +52c bat36.01v -16ma rf 390ma
hi this is arissat1 rs01s k6lfh phi met 72m ihu +45c cp +52c bat35.69v -16ma rf 508ma
hi this is
20:31 UTC entering eclipse, nothing heard till LOS
20:36 UTC LOS

SSTV image at 20:28 UTC and image during entering the eclipse, hihi

18:54 UTC ihu +46c cp +54c bat 35.69v -24ma rf 405ma
18:56 UTC k1zz plo met 61m
18:57 UTC start eclipse

18:56 UTC – still in low power mode but pretty warm …

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