ARISSat-1 spin rate has decreased further

field strength over an complete pass (18:12 UTC, 15 deg elevation) – you can see the fading and spin rate of ARISSat

The spin rate has decreased further ( see Aug 04 = 10.5 dips /min = 5.25 rpm)
Green line is Aug 07 = 9.5 dips/min = 4.75 rpm
Blue line is Aug 17 = 7 dips/min = 3.5 rpm

2 thoughts on “ARISSat-1 spin rate has decreased further”

  1. Mike,

    As always, thanks. We want it to slow down a bit for communications, but keep spinning for thermal control.


  2. Mike,

    Any updates on the spin? From the reports I have heard, there must have been additional slowing.



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