11:38 UTC An International Space Station school contact has been planned with participants at Vrije Basisschool Terbank-Egenhoven, Heverlee, Belgium on 12 June. The contact should was audible over eastern Europe on the 145.80 MHz downlink. The contact was conducted in Dutch. Participants asked the following questions (translated):
1. What do you feel when you look at the Earth from space?
2. What do you eat? Is it tasteful?
3. How can you wash your clothing in the ISS?
4. How cold is it in space?
5. Did you ever cross another spaceship?
6. Do you see the difference between day and night in space?
7. Do you have enough electricity to do all the experiments?
8. Can you grow sunflowers in space?
9. How do you sleep in space?
10. Can you scratch your nose, wearing an astronaut’s helmet?
11. Can you smell or hear something in space?
12. Can you collide with something in space?
13. Will it be easier in the future to travel to space?
14. Can oxygen onboard get exhausted?
15. How do you manage that food and drinks don’t float around when you are eating?
16. Is it allowed to wear glasses or contact glasses in the ISS?
17. Why isn’t there any oxygen in space?
18. What becomes of urine and body waste when you have been to the toilet?
19. Do you see the Earth rotating from the ISS?
20. Where does food come from on the ISS?
21. What do you do in case of engine trouble?
22. How many times did you travel to space?
sound … and listen here for the answers (in dutch)

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