ARISS school contact with IW3QKU

08:40 UTC
An International Space Station school contact took place with participants at SIP Cossar / Da Vinci, Gorizia, Italy, and Elena Guerra Middle School, Rome, Italy. The contact will be direct between IR0ISS and IW3QKU/IK0USO.

Participants asked the following questions to Paolo Nespoli:

1. How technology can you use for communicates frequently with his family?
2. In an interview you said that you had brought a book on the ISS. Which he chose and why?
3. Why all the astronauts before the flight planting a poplar tree in the park at Baikonur?
4. You said that since childhood he wanted to become an astronaut. What difficulties did you encounter?
5. What kind of training needed to do and what was the most challenging for this mission?
6. What requirements must have for the role and functions of Mission Specialist?
7. How trying to keep fit?
8. How behave its plants in the absence of gravity?
9. How does the biological clock of plants to 28,000 km/h?
10. Over 15,000 people are following your mission on Twitter and YouTube. How sense you have with so many fans?
11. How did you come up with the idea of “photo-guessing” and what was the aims?
12. You wrote: “To fly oh oh, to sing oh oh oh, chase dreams together”. What are your dreams for the future?
13. In 1969, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. what’s next conquest in space?
14. Can you get sick in space?
15. What happens to the waste on the space station?
16. What looks the Earth from the ISS?
17. Do you have ever observed an unidentified flying object?
18. How sleep an astronaut?
19. How does your typical day and how occupies his free time on the ISS?
20. What material is made space suit?
21. How long does it take to go into space?
22. How long is a day of work in space?
23. What kind of experiments is doing in space?
24. What is the structure of the space station?
25. What is your impression, at this time, while talking with us, knowing that we divide the space?
26. Would you know us once back on Earth?

sound … and listen here for the answers (in Italian)

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