ARISS school contact with IK0WGF

08:39 UTC
A contact with IR0ISS was established by station IK0WGF. Astronaut Paolo NESPOLI answered 13 questions read alternately by students in Civitavecchia and in Aosta. Participants asked the following questions to Paolo Nespoli:

1. What did you feel to cross the atmosphere?
2. How did you feel staying huddled inside the Russian rocket?
3. How long does it take to organize a flight to the space?
4. What is the first experiment you did on the ISS?
5. What did your family tell you when you decided to become an astronaut?
6. How do you feel to be the first Italian to go into space for so long?
7. Do you have difficulty performing normal daily activities on the ISS?
8. What future expects an astronaut after a long-duration mission in space?
9. Do you ever go out the spaceship?
10. Do you suffer from vertigo when watching the Earth from space?
11. When you go out and then go in to ISS, do you need to wait to take off your space suit?
12. Do you do some housework?
13. How is a daily routine in the ISS?

sound … and listen here for the answers (in Italian)

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