ARISS school contact with DN2MQT

14:06 UTC
An International Space Station school contact took place with participants at Luitpold-Gymnasium Muenchen, Munich, Bavaria, Germany . The contact was direct between OR4ISS and DN2MQT.

Participants asked the following questions to Paolo Nespoli:

1. In the space station, do you dream of Earth or Space?
2. What will be the first things you’ll do when you return to Earth?
3. What do you do when you get homesick?
4. Greetings to your colleagues Alexander, Oleg, and Dimitri. How do you work together?
5. What’s your favourite thing to eat on the ISS?
6. Are you scared of the return flight or of everyday life on Earth?
7. Do you think that the increasing commercialization of space travel brings a positive or negative effect with it? If you could choose who could come as a tourist to the ISS during your mission, who would you choose?
8. Can you have a private life?
9. Are there ever problems due to the long time spent working with the same people and staying in such a small and tight space?
10. Is it quiet or loud in space?
11. If you were separated from the station during an EVA, what would you do?
12. What do you do when you’re ill? I’ve heard that astronauts don’t have any beds! That they just sit.
13. What do you have to learn when you learn to fly the shuttle? Do you have to do homework?
14. Is it warm or cold in the space station? And if it is warm, do you get sweaty in your spacesuit?
15. Has the ISS been hit by space debris?
16. How was the lift off for you? How did you feel?
17. Are there often arguments?
18. How often can you communicate with your family?

sound … and listen here for the answers (in English)

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