ARISS contact between OR4ISS and SP5PMD

12:08 UTC An International Space Station school contact was conducted with participants at Zespol Szkol nr 2, Zuromin, The contact was direct between OR4ISS and SP5PMD on 145.800 MHz.

The School nr 2 in Zuromin consists of the primary and the junior high school. The primary Kornel Makuszynski School was founded in 1990 and the Henryk Sienkiewicz junior high school was founded in 1999. There are about 500 students in both schools. In the school there are: the well- equipped gym, the chemical and language lab. Since 2010 the SP5PMD Amateur Radio has been functioning, in which the students get to know how the short waves work.

1. Is it cool to be an astronaut?
2. Are there night and day in space?
3. What do you do with waste?
4. What kind of planets can you see at the moment?
5. How do astronauts spend their free time?
6. Do you have an access to TV, news programs and the Internet on ISS?
7. What is so interesting in space for you?
8. How do you take a shower on the ISS?
9. How do astronauts eat meals in space?
10. How would you describe the feeling of flying into space?

sound listen to the answers from OR4ISS

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