07:36 UTC
Frank de Winne OR4ISS talked with kids from Istituto Comprensivo Romualdo Trifone, Montecorvino Rovella, Salerno in Italy.
direct via IK1SLD on 145.800 MHz

1. Alexandra: What are the responsibilities of an astronaut on board?
2. Alexandra: How do you cope with the difficulties during the mission?
3. Valentin: Did you dream about becoming an astronaut during your childhood?
4. Sara: Did you attend a specific course to become an astronaut?
5. Ylenia: What are you focusing your reflection on when you are in Space?
6. Vita: What is of essential importance for you during your stay in Space?
7. Morena: What is the minimum age for becoming an astronaut?
8. Simona: What do you miss most from Earth?
9. Martina: Does life in space change the intensity of social values such as friendship and love?
10. Gennaro: What was the first impression you got when you arrived on board the ISS?
11. Antonio: What does the vastness of Space remind you of?
12. Giuseppe: Do you have children and how often do you communicate with your family?
13. Simone: Would you like to share your experience in Space with your family?
14. Ersilio: Is your family happy with your choice of being an astronaut?
15. Alessia: What profession did you pursue before you became an astronaut?
16. Francesca: Are you happy or unhappy to coming back to Earth soon?
sound … answers from Frank de Winne (5 minutes)

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