AO-73 : Funcube-1

Rotation/Tumbling Period

26 Nov 2021 = 10.0 seconds (from the Sun Sensor Data)
27 Nov 2021 = 10.3 seconds (from the Sun Sensor Data)
28 Nov 2021 = 8.6 seconds (from the Sun Sensor Data)
29 Nov 2021 = 8.2 seconds (from the Sun Sensor Data)
30 Nov 2021 = 8.0 seconds (from the Sun Sensor Data)
01 Dec 2021 = 7.2 seconds (from the Sun Sensor Data)
02 Dec 2021 = 7.0 seconds (from the Sun Sensor Data)

During the latter stages of last week I suspected that AO-73 had become very unstable and was on the verge of entering a tumbling phase.
I have now confirmed it had indeed commenced tumbling and has remained as such during this week.
My analysis of all the Sun Sensors X, Y and Z Axes confirms that observation.
However the various WOD downloads, when you are fortunate to grab one error free, do make interesting viewing.
The one displayed below was captured from the 1916utc 2nd December pass over VK.
There are times when X and Y Panels exhibit a short spin period of nominally 450 seconds and at other times there is very minimal spin.

When analysing a specific VK download it has become very evident that the thermal characteristics of the solar cells has become an issue in the ongoing analysis.
Because AO-73 is now tumbling so fast I suspect that the cells are not releasing their total heat load per revolution and be an accurate measurement of spin.
This has been noted and clarified all this week. A typical clarification is:-
Using my normal panel temperature analysis for the 2nd December.
X Panel Temperature (only data available) = 17.5 seconds Sun Sensors (All Channels) 7.0 Seconds.

73 de Colin VK5HI.

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