All Power To The ISS!

We were just informed that it is likely that MarconISSta will be deinstalled on February 9th, 2019. This is about three weeks earlier than expected, so we quickly have to finish any outstanding activities. Therefore: All Power To The ISS!

We want to invite everybody who owns a UHF antenna, preferably with an e.i.r.p. of more than 30 dBW, to do transmissions to the ISS. These transmissions will be recorded by MarconISSta and we will publish the results here. This experiment is a nice way for you to test your antennas, while it is great for us and ARISS to evaluate the ARISS VHF/UHF antenna pattern.

Transmission Details:

Transmission time: Whenever you see the ISS between now and February 9th.
Frequency: 435-438 MHz. Please avoid 435.95 MHz (our reference frequency) and 436.5 MHz (center frequency of receiver)
Power: Continuous transmission of a carrier, we recommend an e.i.r.p. of more than 30 dBW
Please do not use Doppler correction. We want to see the Doppler shift, it might help us to localize your transmission from this

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