1940 UTC 40° elev pass – no signals heard :-(

Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen: Well – i have not being looking into the files
The pas just now was ok. We did get data down – still not valid due to tumbling but we can use them
‘ew have started detumbling and it seems to work :-)
Take a look at http://www.control.aau.dk/~kresten/stuff/s_meter_logs

We have by testing found out that it seems that it is the can network controller on the main computer which freeze. And then the powerunit – which issue a ping to all subsystems every 30 second – that main computer is down and reboot it.
So the hack is to make self supervision of can network in the main computer. And if it is down then reset it and issue a pong to a ping to fake the powersupply. And then reboot will be history :-)
if we are lucky… We have much power onboard – the satellite is in good shape
Our beko from Beko elektronik in germany suit us well – It can fry space ;-)

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