Update SWSU-55 – telemetry

RS9S>ALL>UI,C,F0: KETs #1 S=2765 U1=4.80 U2=4.77 T1=13.37 Mx=26.687471 My=4.261025 Mz=52.253620 Vx=-26.839695 Vy=-79.022903 Vz=-57.854961 Time=1028440205 R1=0 R2=0 RS9S>ALL>UI,C,F0: KETs #1 S=2771 U1=4.93 U2=4.89 T1=14.98 Mx=24.220562 My=13.007339 Mz=76.698448 Vx=25.015266 Vy=-82.198471 Vz=-45.748093 Time=1028683140 R1=0 R2=0 RS9S>ALL>UI,C,F0: KETs #1 S=2774 U1=4.73 U2=4.70 T1=15.62 Mx=23.547768 My=92.172691 Mz=54.944794 Vx=-17.129770 Vy=-79.206108 Vz=-59.541985 Time=1028790042 R1=0 R2=0 RS9S>ALL>UI,C,F0: KETs #1 S=2775 U1=4.94 U2=4.91 T1=15.62 […]

SWSU-55 #8 – RS6S SSTV and telemetry

13:15:09 RS6S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1134 baud): SWSU-55 #8 S=5984 U1=4.84 U2=4.83 T1=18.52 Mx=47.319801 My=17.716892 Mz=46.422745 Vx=-8.740458 Vy=-81.725189 Vz=-26.122137 Time=802336055 13:21:19 RS6S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1135 baud): SWSU-55 #8 S=5989 U1=4.82 U2=4.80 T1=20.78 Mx=64.812431 My=16.371305 Mz=-26.687471 Vx=-9.679389 Vy=-81.946564 Vz=-36.007633 Time=802588224 13:22:32 RS6S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1135 baud): SWSU-55 #8 S=5991 U1=4.81 U2=4.79 T1=21.42 Mx=84.996231 My=30.275702 Mz=71.540359 Vx=-16.885496 Vy=-82.175575 Vz=-29.687023 Time=802727002

SWSU-55 telemetry packets and new SSTV images

Based on the quality of the SSTV images, the SWSU-55s are spinning faster and faster rather than settling down … telemetry on 437.05 MHz: 18:52 RS4S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1142 baud): SWSU-55 #6 S=8573 U1=4.88 U2=4.85 I1=0.0 T1=22.39 Mx=14.577189 My=82.305054 Mz=-13.680132 Vx=0.000000 Vy=0.000000 Vz=0.000000 Time=385422154 20:29 RS9S>ALL>UI,C,F0 (1136 baud): KETs #1 S=9107 U1=4.91 U2=4.88 T1=23.04 Mx=32.294083 My=73.110214 Mz=84.323441 […]