4M has performed its flyby this night between 0030 and 0215 UTC

From now on, please use either the tracking information on our website or use the AFTER.TXT TLE that has been provided earlier.

1 99999U 14999B   14301.50561343 -.00000000  00000-0 -12032+5 0 00000
2 99999 049.9490 067.2265 6637878 045.9462 117.6148 00.06612109000019

Here at LuxSpace, we are really thankful and grateful to all the RadioAmateur community who definitely is a major actor of the success of this mission. Special thanks to Roland PY4ZBZ who was the first to send his report (and allowed me to feel relieved)

So far, we had reports from Europe, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Russia, to name a few. 29 Stations have been continuously feeding the database using the java client that was developed by LSE Space with more than 100 registered. Some made real achievements to be part of this exciting project, with only one antenna hand pointed with a compass (CX8AT).

The radiation dosimeter is a real success. IC-Malaga made a top here. Michael Johnson is now processing data acquired by the LOFAR, and we hope to provide a really accurate trajectory. 4M has still plenty of energy left and should continue its transmission for several days. It has now entered its final orbit, i=50°, Perigee around 60000km, apogee around 400000km, for a 15 days period.

There will be 2-3 days of non visibility for northern mid and higher latitudes, as 4M will be very south. Southern station will have great time. Signal will get stronger and easier.

The first perigee is expected to occur between the 2nd and 5th November, and Europe will be much favoured with almost 48 hours of continuous visibility and strong signals. Useless to say that we are eager to get radiation dosimeter messages.

Ghislain. LX2RG


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